RealCall™ Easy Followup

Get Started with RealCall™ When your prospects call or text your RealCall™ number they automatically get a text back with:

  • listing information
  • your direct phone number
  • a link to a website
  • Whatever you like! (Within texting limits, of course.)
RealCall™ also saves their number so you can follow up later.


Call All Your Prospects in 60 Seconds Flat. (Ok, more like 45 seconds!)

Let's say you've got a price adjustment on your listing. Wouldn't the owner like to know that you'll call everyone who has shown an interest with the new pricing information? It's virtually impossible to call everyone who has called you about your listing... until now. In under a minute, RealCall™ will call all of your prospects with your message.

Just call RealCall™ and record your outgoing "broadcast" message. Confirm that you like your recording (or, you can record it again) and boom, everyone's phone will ring with your broadcast message.

Lots of Reasons to Followup

Use RealCall™ to followup for any reason!

  • Price Change
  • Open House Information
  • New Listings
  • Announce Your Listing Being Sold
  • Anything!

What happens if your prospect does not want any promotional calls from RealCall™?

No problem! Prospects can reply STOP to any text sent via RealCall™. When a prospect gets a broadcast voice message from you, they can press 3 to opt out of future calls. RealCall™ lets your prospect know what their options are after your message plays. Those options are:

  • Press 1 - Call You (they'll be connected to you directly)
  • Press 2 - Listen to the Message Again
  • Press 3 - Stop Receiving Messages

Real Easy, Real Results™. RealCall™!

* Phone numbers are assigned in your desired area code based on availability. RealCall™ will do its best to assign your RealCall™ phone number(s) in the requested area code but not all area codes have available numbers to assign.