RealCall™ Helps you sell more, easier.

Oct 13

Real Easy, Real Results™ RealCall™ Give it a try. Imagine greeting your prospect in your own voice and inviting them to receive a text with information about your listing. If not, that's cool; Just stay on the line and they are connected directly to you. Try it now!

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Better than QR Codes and those "Text-to-Lead" Services! With RealCall™, each listing has one, unique, phone number for prospects to contact you.

■ Save money, save time, and avoid confusion by using one number on your sign
■ Leads from any yard signs are sent directly to you - instantly, by email or phone call
■ Automatically send a custom Text to your leads upon their request
■ Works with any text-enabled phone no app to download
■ Respond to your leads in seconds!

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